We plan, execute and manage successful trade shows for businesses, nonprofits, organizations, and exhibit houses of all sizes.

Trade Show Management With Purpose.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, we've been managing successful trade show
exhibits for businesses, organizations, and non-profits.

Trade show success starts by answering three questions:

Working with you every step of the way, we help you answer these questions, develop a winning strategy, and orchestrate trade show success for your company.


Why does your company want to participate in a trade show?


What business goals does your company want to achieve?


How will everything successfully come together?

Knowing Why You Want to Participate

We help you define and understand your purpose for trade show participation.

Understanding why you want to have your company involved in a trade show is more important than what you are going to exhibit or how much it will cost.

Before a single dime is spent, we work with you to define the reasons why you want your company involved in a trade show and help ensure your purpose is clearly communicated to your team and everyone involved in making your trade show participation a success.

Knowing Why

Your why is the foundation on which a successful experience will be created.

Once the why of your trade show participation is understood and accepted, all the other questions become easier to answer.

Knowing What You Want to Accomplish

We help you define pinpoint goals for your trade exhibit's success.

Whether you're aiming for sales, new leads, or looking to effectively network within your industry -- no matter the goal, we help you define and execute the key goals for your company's trade show success.

Knowing What

Understanding what you want to accomplish brings clarity and purpose to the planning process.

Once the what is clearly defined and communicated, effective strategies can be designed and executed.

Knowing How It All Comes Together

We design and orchestrate your trade show success.

By understanding how everything comes together before, during, and after your trade show event, your company is primed for measurable success that meets business goals.

Knowing How

Your how keeps efforts focused, motivated, and creates a rock-solid blueprint for achieving your company's specific goals.

Once the how is understood, the strategies developed can be executed with clarity and poise.

We're with you every step of the way.

Your exhibit's success relies on budgets, schedules, staff, vendors, and logistics coming together harmoniously. We orchestrate your exhibit from beginning to end, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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SageRock Advisors helps your business design and build effective trade show exhibits that showcase your company's winning product or service.

Exhibit Design & Construction

We plan and design exhibit layouts that communicate your brand's message to your audience.

SageRock Advisors can help you select the perfect floor space for your trade show exhibit and maximize your business's potential foot traffic and attendee interaction.

Space Selection & Staffing

We help you find the best space and the best people to maximize engagement and exposure.

Learn how we can help you budget and schedule every dollar and minute to ensure trade show success.

Budgeting & Scheduling

We budget your project's time and money effectively, maximizing the value of every moment and dollar.

Learn how SageRock Advisors is with you every step of the way on the path to trade show success. Even during the trade show itself, we're with you there, on-site, and helping you execute your trade show strategy to ensure success.

On-Site Management

We keep everything working together and running smoothly before, during, and after your exhibit's showing.

Trade show shipping, storage, and drayage can be an overwhelming task. Learn how we help ensure everything you need for your trade show exhibit is in place and on schedule.

Shipping & Logistics

From shipping, to storage, to drayage, we help make sure everything's at your exhibit on time.

Successful trade shows and exhibits are the result of successful planning and strategy. Learn how SageRock helps you understand your business's goals, plan for them, and reach them.

Strategic Planning

We develop custom exhibiting and engagement strategies that fit your specific needs.

Is your organization an exhibit house?

See how we can help with management or work alongside your team to help meet your client's needs.

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