SageRock Advisors provides on-site trade show exhibit management to help ensure everything runs smoothly when it's your business's time to exhibit on the trade show floor.
We're with you in the thick of it -- especially during your trade show event! We provide on-site management to help ensure your business's trade show exhibit is running smoothly and maximizing your business's industry exposure.

On-Site Management

We're with you every step of the way.

We help your staff field your exhibit properly and teach best practices concerning how to best engage visitors, maximize company exposure, and generate positive interactions and lasting impressions on behalf of your business.

Exhibit Staff Training

Every exhibit is only as effective as the people who are representing your brand and exhibiting your business's energy. We help your staff understand how to effectively interact with visitors, invite leads, and convert foot traffic into customers.

Looking to bring in outside staffing? No problem! We can also help you find the staff, actors, or other talent that will effectively exhibit your business's energy.

Need a more hands-off approach. We're right there for you providing supervisory services to help keep your staff on track, business goals in sight, and your exhibit operating at peak effectiveness.

On-Site Supervision

We're with you every step of the way. Throughout your trade show exhibition experience, we ensure that everything arrives on time, that every staff member is effectively interacting with the crowd, and that your business is making a lasting impact on every visitor.

We Work With You

Your business is unique. We work with you to assure that your exhibit
represents you, meets your goals, and fits your budget.

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